Over 100 years serving the Lord home and around the world
First Baptist Church
We are a church who's members come from many nations of origin to worship together!

Prior to 1893 a Union Sunday School was maintained in Highland Park by various churches in New Brunswick. This
was disbanded in 1893 and the Reformed Sunday School was formed. From 1893 to 1895 the Baptists in the Park
held cottage prayer meetings in the various homes, at which meetings a Sunday School for the Baptist children was
often discussed. The matter was placed before the First Baptist Church of New Brunswick, Which decided that there
was material for a Mission Sunday School.

The school was organized with Mr. Henry B. Zimmerman as Superintendent, and for the first five years of it’s existence
held sessions in what had previously been a grocery store on Raritan Avenue, near First Avenue. The first session was
held on the first Sunday of June, 1895. Before the end of 1895 four members professed conversion and were baptized
into the First Baptist Church of New Brunswick by the Pastor, the Rev. L. E. Wheeler. Altogether, during the first five
years of the Sunday School, twenty members were baptized.

In April, 1899, land was purchased on the Patterson farm and plans for a Chapel were prepared by Mr. August N.
Whitlock and were adopted by the First Baptist Church of New Brunswick Trustees, who held the property in trust, in
May, 1899. A subscription list was then started. The building was commenced in the fall of 1899 and finished in the
spring of 1900 and dedicated in June, 1900.

From a beginning of 33 members, the School grew rapidly and in 1911 the Chapel was enlarged. Formation of a
Church in Highland Park was the ultimate aim of the Baptists. There was however, a natural reluctance upon the
part of the members to withdraw their membership from their mother Church, which, in most cases, was the First
Baptist Church of New Brunswick. Preaching services were held for many years by various supplies and resident
Baptist ministers. In June, 1925, Rev. Fred H. McNair was called to preach at services that had been started by the
young people.

In October, 1925 it was decided the time was ripe to start a Baptist Church in Highland Park. The Chapel property,
which had been held in trust by the First Baptist Church of New Brunswick, had already been deeded to the Sunday

On November 24th, 1925, the Church was organized as the First Baptist Church of Highland Park and was
incorporated in 1927. Through the years that followed it has had a diversity of ethnic and racial membership that
has prospered and continues to win souls through the saving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ to this day.