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Big Pharma propagandists state Ebola might lead to 16.

You’d better obtain your MMR vaccine before you capture Ebola and die from measles! Oh, the horror! Because you, the gullible general public, apparently didn’t react to the Ebola crisis the way the powers that become desired you to, and as the subsequent measles scare offers yet to work in producing a mob-powered elimination of vaccine exemptions, the tricksters in power are merging both crises and attempting the complete charade once again. Except this most recent plot twist is indeed farcical that it borders on intentional satire. Unless the U.S. Transmits in troops to stabilize West Africa, we’re right now told, a non-existent measles pandemic will abruptly sweep the global globe and kill a large number of people and injure bajillions, all because measles simply turns up out of nowhere, as an uninvited party crasher, whenever there’s a humanitarian crisis.Bush Administration. Cannabis Research Inc., President & CEO, Mr. Raymond C. Dabney will serve seeing that a co-chair of this new CFA Wellness Roundtable also. Cannabis Science, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is certainly focused on the discovery and advancement of cannabis-based medicines. CBIS will be using its expertise in cannabinoid analysis with the CFA's multiple strengths and human relationships to help further the reason in Africa of treating illnesses and symptoms of illnesses including cancer, rest from severe pain, and some AIDS-related illnesses.