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Approximately 60 percent of individuals, whose tumors have mutation-negative KRAS genes, may reap the benefits of anti-EGFR therapy. Approximately 40 percent, whose tumors have KRAS mutations, may not benefit. QIAGEN's FDA-approved therascreen KRAS test offers an easy, consistent and reliable process to determine optimal treatment for colorectal tumor patients who are candidates for EGFR-inhibitor therapy. QIAGEN's therascreen KRAS test has been shown to have a large sensitivity for KRAS mutations, a critical factor in ensuring high-quality data for treatment decisions.S.The film transforms visible cues to electric indicators, mimicking the function of the photo-delicate cells in the retina. Therefore, it might potentially form component of another prosthetic device that may replace the broken cells in the retina. The experts tested the new gadget on light-insensitive retinas from embryonic chicks and noticed a neuronal response triggered by light. Based on the researchers, the brand new device is small, capable of higher quality than previous designs, and can be far better at stimulating neurons.