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Today at the next European Lung Cancer Meeting in Geneva a respected expert said.

Eventually, tissue sampling to permit this sort of mutation testing can be standard in Europe, Prof Pirker stated. But presently, there are obstacles preventing it from becoming more widespread. ‘The obstacles include the fact that too little doctors been trained in invasive tumor sampling, that mutation analysis not yet readily available, and that we now have reimbursement issues which might change from country to nation,’ he said. If these obstacles can be overcome, and more doctors are trained in acquiring lung cancer biopsies, more patients shall be able to be treated with oral gefitinib, and the discovery of other brand-new therapeutic targets will be accelerated,’ he said..In Bangladesh, an estimated 133 million folks are vulnerable to drinking water contaminated with arsenic. The ladies in the study resided in a rural area with a particularly higher level of arsenic contamination. The results show that high exposure to arsenic during early pregnancy increases the risk of having a minimal birth weight infant. The experience also demonstrates the feasibility of conducting large-scale prospective research of reproductive outcomes in rural Bangladesh.