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Californias water supply headed for collapse in just one year.

If drinking water scarcity gets bad more than enough, the smuggling and transportation of water may be just as lucrative as smuggling weed someday, a market plunging in value because of the legalization trend sweeping America today. It’s not to imagine a future in California where WEED possession is legal, but Drinking water possession is criminalized. Resources for this story include:.. California’s water supply headed for collapse in just one year; state has ‘no contingency plan’ – NASA scientist Add California’s water supply to your list of ‘things headed for imminent collapse.’ The condition has only one season of reserves remaining, warns Jay Famiglietti, the senior drinking water scientist at the NASA Plane Propulsion Laboratory at Caltech.Specifically, in the December 2 their findings, 2008, problem of PLoS Biology point to the three dimensional chromatin product packaging around genes shaped by restricted, rosette-like loops of Polycomb group proteins . The chromatin packaging, a complicated combination of DNA and proteins that compress DNA to fit inside cells, provides a repressive hub that continues genes in a low expression state. We think the polycomb proteins match abnormal DNA methylation of genes to deactivate tumor suppressor genes and lock cancer cells in a primitive condition, says Stephen B. Baylin, M.D., Virginia and D.K. Ludwig Professor of Oncology and senior author.