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According to a new study led simply by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute researchers.

When detected and eliminated before it has a chance to spread surgically, the disease is always curable nearly. It isn’t known how many of these cancers would become invasive breasts cancer if they weren’t treated, but research suggest that many of them eventually would. Researchers initially thought that DCIS may become invasive as a total result of genetic adjustments in the tumor cells. If they surveyed gene activity in immobile DCIS cells and in the ones that had spread, however, they discovered no significant differences. That led them to consider the cell’s microenvironment.What’s more, coconut oil appears to have a broad influence against many pathogens – rendering it an important, natural weapon in fighting infections that have grown significantly resistant to antibiotics. The researchers from the Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland examined the antibacterial actions of coconut essential oil by treating it with enzymes in a process comparable to digestion to see how the essential oil would respond once consumed. They discovered that coconut essential oil, once ingested, should be able to halt the development of all strains of Streptococcus bacterias, including Streptococcus mutans.