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Called VAL 201 now.

The compound, called VAL 201 now, has been proven in pre-clinical exams in mice to stop development of tumours which have been unresponsive to hormone treatments. VAL 201 blocks genes which can cause prostate tumor to develop. The compound offers been shown to work in treating mice with breast and prostate cancers and is now rapidly progressing towards the first clinical trials in individuals. Under the terms of the offer, ValiRx has exclusive privileges to use the substance to treat, diagnose and stop cancer and other diseases.The authors write, Overall, our observations suggest that Pak1 activation and nuclear localization contribute to the reduced tamoxifen sensitivity that has been observed in some breasts tumor cells. Therapies that target Pak1 expression or activity may as a result represent a strategy to improve the endocrine treatment response in breasts cancer. Within an accompanying editorial, V. Craig Jordan, Ph.D., D.Sc., of Fox Chase Malignancy Center in Philadelphia, discusses what is known about resistance to tamoxifen therapy. He writes, The medical correlations reported by Holm et al. Indicate that packing tumor cell nuclei with Pak can perturb tamoxifen’s action.