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BioLife Solutions receives ISO 13485:2003 certification BioLife Solutions.

BioLife Solutions receives ISO 13485:2003 certification BioLife Solutions, Inc. , a respected developer, manufacturer, and marketing expert of biopreservation equipment for cells, cells, and organs, today announced that it has effectively finished audits of its quality systems and GMP creation service in Bothell, Washington by BSI Group and offers been issued a qualification to ISO 13485:2003, a global regular for quality systems helping the look, development, and produce of medical gadgets. Mike Rice, BioLife’s chairman and CEO, observed, This achievement is definitely a strategic quality milestone for BioLife. Our developing clinical customer bottom expects us to create a higher bar for the creation of our GMP biopreservation press products, because so many customer applications are the use of our items as a mixed preservative/injection delivery alternative for cell-based therapies utilized to take care of cancer, heart failing, and a bunch of other illnesses.‘Hexavalent chromium enters the normal water supply through surface water runoff from industrial procedures and soil leachate conveyed into groundwater,’ says the fit. ‘People may be subjected to hexavalent chromium by drinking contaminated drinking water, eating contaminated meals, inhaling polluted air flow, and contacting contaminated soils.’ Coming primarily from industrial pollution, exposure can cause cancer, liver problems, stomach lesions and ulcers, and lower sperm counts, reports said. Additionally, it may occur naturally, however. The condition Legislature directed the health department to act following the real-life Brockovich exposed the case of Pacific Gas & Electric powered Corp., which stood accused of leaking the chemical into the groundwater of Hinckley, a small city in the Mojave Desert about 122 miles of LA northwest, which caused health issues, including cancer.