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CMS announces series of proposed regulations.

CMS announces series of proposed regulations, including payment cuts CMS last week announced a number of proposed regulations, including a proposal to lessen Medicare payments for inpatient hospital treatment by 0.5 percent in fiscal year 2010, CQ HealthBeat reports bitartrate . The company said the proposed cut mainly is the result of adjustments for extreme payments to hospitals in previous years. Regarding to CQ HealthBeat, the disproportionate payments came from changes manufactured in how hospitals coded patients when Medicare adjusted reimbursement levels based on the severity of inpatient illness. CMS officials said the system was intended to be budget neutral, however the hospital coding led to overpayments, necessitating the proposal. CMS stated it has the capacity to reduce payments even further.


‘The synergy produced by combining our scientific and making expertise could have a considerable impact on efforts to progress innovative applicants in TB vaccine advancement,’ said Jim Connolly, President and CEO of Aeras. ‘We anticipate working with the biggest biotech corporation in a nation with the skills, assets and TB disease burden to play a major role in overcoming the complicated challenges of TB vaccine R&D.’.. CNBG, Aeras reach final agreement to build up new TB vaccines The global fight against the tuberculosis epidemic receives a boost today as Aeras and the China National Biotec Group announce they have reached final agreement to jointly develop new tuberculosis vaccines.