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Chemists monitor how amantadine drug changes.

That’s the type of flu bug that most commonly makes people unwell and one that has triggered the most serious flu epidemics. Their findings come in the Feb. 5 edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Hong said the results are particularly important because mutations of the type A virus are resistant to amantadine treatment. To develop those drugs, Hong said researchers need to understand exactly how amantadine stops the flu virus first. First, some background about how a flu virus infects a wholesome cell: A virus begins the process by attaching itself to a healthy cell. The healthful cell surrounds the flu virus and will take it in the cell through an activity known as endocytosis. Once in the cell, a protein can be used by the virus called M2 to open a channel to the healthful cell.Yuen, M.D., associate professor of operation; and Kelly M. Kunkel, R.N. UAMS may be the state’s only extensive academic health middle, with five schools, a graduate college, a infirmary, five centers of excellence and a statewide network of regional centers. UAMS provides about 2,170 students and 650 citizens and may be the state’s largest general public employer with almost 9,000 workers. UAMS and its own affiliates have an financial impact in Arkansas around $3.8 billion a full year. UAMS centers of excellence will be the Arkansas Cancer Study Center, Bernice and Harvey Jones Eye Institute, Donald W. Reynolds Focus on Aging, Myeloma Institute for Study and Jackson and Therapy T. Stephens Backbone and Neurosciences Institute..