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Camu camu: An incredible way to obtain vitamin C and flavonoids Camu camu.

Like vitamin C, flavonoids are antioxidants that scavenge cell-damaging free radicals and metallic ions, offering us with anti-aging benefits thereby, memory-improving properties, and a lowered risk of cancer, asthma, heart disease, and strokes. Fat loss properties – Like most fruits, camu camu berries are lower in calories, rich in dietary fiber, and contain almost no fat. Consequently, you won’t ever need to worry about fat gain when consuming camu camu products, plus they can be incorporated into a healthy eating plan. Because of the sizable amounts of natural energy they provide, camu camu berry products are greatest consumed during breakfast or before a good work out. One-100 grams of camu camu berries provide us with 1.55 grams of protein, various B-vitamins , and trace minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorous, and iron.Actually, among the so-called experts acquired economic ties to TEN medication companies. Clearly, that is a conflict of curiosity and unacceptable. The theory that fats and cholesterol trigger cardiovascular disease is among the best scientific deceptions in the globe. Actually, George V. Mann, Sc.D., M.D., the co-director of the Framingham Center Study has said, the general public has been deceived by the best health fraud of the century. Remember, two of the very most prescribed statin medications, Zocor and Lipitor, are among the leading fifteen medicines for severe unwanted effects in the FDA reporting program. Get the reality – before it’s too past due.