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A statistic that remains constant despite increased awareness of the deadly disease.

Further, the researchers found a growth in antioxidant defenses in the supplemented rats and a reduction in oxidative stress biomarkers that are known to be protective against chemical exposure and the prevention of colorectal cancer. The group concluded that the protective effect of the bioactive compounds in cocoa stopped cell-signaling pathways that typically promote cell proliferation and result in tumor development. The treated animals exhibited a higher amount of apoptosis also, or regular programmed cell death of potentially cancerous cells. It is important to note that milk chocolate is not a good way to obtain cocoa due to its low concentration of the polyphenol and high sugar content, known to promote cancer.AstraZeneca currently provides medications to Medicaid programmes at the cheapest price wanted to its greatest business clients, as federal government law requires. AstraZeneca and the constant state Medicaid programme talk about a common objective of helping people gain access to the medicines they want. To help patients who’ve difficulty affording their medications, AstraZeneca offers individual assistance programmes hand and hand with its medicines. Within the last 2 yrs alone, Alabama individuals have received a lot more than $25. About AstraZeneca AstraZeneca is a significant international health care business engaged in study, development, manufacturing and advertising of prescription pharmaceuticals and provider for healthcare services.