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000 deaths over the lifetimes of people born from 1994 2013.

CDC’s medical negligence leading to an incredible number of preventable deaths from infectious disease In a highly-publicized scientific report , the CDC is now making a future-projection declare that immunization programs in america shall prevent 732,000 deaths over the lifetimes of people born from 1994 – 2013. In analyzing this, I’ll set aside the fact that the CDC quite actually functions as the marketing branch of vaccine producers and that top CDC officials are routinely given lucrative jobs in vaccine companies. Let’s pretend the CDC does not have any bias and analyze this report with the kind of scrutiny the mainstream media almost never exercises with regards to immunization technology effective medication .

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today announced it has recently completed key IT tasks for leading healthcare organizations to develop and implement solutions which have helped the clients reduce costs, improve speed to market and engage customers. CIBER’s solutions for healthcare organizations are created to address the key drivers that propel the health care industry. CIBER’s healthcare solutions leverage its knowledge and talent in enterprise architecture, IT outsourcing, business flexibility, business analytics and digital marketing. CIBER’s solutions and providers allow our clients to focus on managing business transformation without sacrificing vital resources to the switch process, said Dan Hoover, Vice President, Healthcare Practice, CIBER.