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Asian Flu threat underestimated Dr.

Keiji Fukuda a specialist at the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention is warning that the incident of the especially lethal variation of influenza in Southeast Asia is most likely far greater than has been reported up to now. Around 69 people, primarily in Vietnam, since January 2004 have contracted a type of influenza commonly known as bird flu. The fatality rate among those reported to really have the disease is about 70 %. Fukuda suspects there are more situations and says all infectious diseases have cases that are milder and situations that are more serious, and the cases being seen right are the severe cases now. He was speaking to medical officials at a conference on immunization.Extensive research and study has revealed the fact that this component is an efficient antibiotic for effective treatment of burn injury and wound which may lead toward infection. Nowadays, physicians suggest smearing of Colloidal Silver on the wound by using natural cotton balls in a bandage. In case any patient suffers from irritating moles and warts, application of it may provide great relief from the bothering and discomfort tingling feeling of the affected individual.