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In the combined band of smokers, the electronic nose properly identified 114 people as having lung tumor and misdiagnosing 5 people with lung cancer. Lead writer, Maris Bukovskis, from the University of Latvia, stated: We have shown that it’s possible to make use of breath tests to properly identify lung cancer with a higher sensitivity rate. The outcomes of our study take us one stage further to understanding this essential new technology. The significant problem with electronic nasal area technology is that it is individual, and each device must be trained to tell apart between odours.Kaiser Family Foundation. Copyright 2008 Advisory Board Business and Kaiser Family Basis. All rights reserved. The loan can help Mexico satisfy its innoculation demand, while the nation waits for H1N1 vaccine orders to be fulfilled by many manufacturers. Mexico is likely to replenish the borrowed Canadian stock by the finish of March, Aglukkaq stated, according to the news assistance . THE WORLD and Mail examines the expected H1N1 vaccine surplus in Canada along with several options for how to proceed with the leftover vaccines.