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The study results showed that breast-cancer individuals who had experienced CIPN throughout their treatment with Taxol were three times more likely to ultimately be identified as having chronic neuropathic pain. Taxol-treated patients, therefore, should be regularly monitored for neuropathic pain beyond treatment. The authors remarked that the same cellular system modified by Taxol to destroy tumors could be toxic on track tissue. They explained additional that sufferers at MD Anderson provided weekly dosages of Taxol are monitored carefully for symptoms of worsening CIPN. In some cases, physicians and sufferers should review the dangers and benefits for continuing Taxol if worsening neuropathy is likely.. Plank of Directors approve interim statement for second quarter 2013 DiaGenic : The interim survey for the next quarter 2013 was authorized by the Panel of Directors on 22 August 2013.‘We are very happy to be acknowledged for our dedication and achievements in cardiac treatment, and I am very proud of we.’ ‘We commend CarePoint Health-Bayonne INFIRMARY for this accomplishment award, which reflects a significant institutional dedication to the best quality of care for their heart attack individuals,’ stated James G. Jollis, MD, Chair of the Objective: Lifeline Advisory Working Group and President of the NEW YORK Chapter of the American College of Cardiology.