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Cancer tumor therapy with common cold virus By Dr Ananya Mandal.

Cancer tumor therapy with common cold virus By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD Australian researchers are employing the common cool as a potential weapon to treat tumor. The technique is named oncolytic virotherapy. Common viruses have become the most recent weapon against tumor. There is the case of the eight-year-old African boy diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma at a Ugandan health clinic. He was subjected to the measles virus and in the next few weeks his tumour regressed totally and he entered remission. But only relatively recently have researchers clinically examined the conversation between viruses and cancers in the developing region of oncolytic virotherapy. Associate Professor Darren Shafren of the University of Newcastle provides been searching at the phenomenon for last 15 years. His work is focused on the coxsackie virus, one of the causes of the common cold.They are particularly very important to those who have a inclination toward the wintertime blues, or SAD. Goji berries are fairly brand-new on the market, today but are available in most super markets and health food shops. They are deeply cherished in Tibet because they offer people who have so much energy, and are said to be among the good reasons that the local people live such a long time and healthy. They are a powerful immune tonic.