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First Baptist Church
We are a church who's members come from many nations of origin to worship together!

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Professor Philip Lowe, Director of Relu, said: Many people today feel out of touch with the land. But the link between rural land and the food we consume is, of course, fundamental to our very existence. There could be ways in which policy can essential into that interdependence and advantage both our well being and our environment. For instance, many people prefer to eat local meals, but we are just beginning to understand the complexity of meals miles and to see that regional production can’t be the whole solution. Eating foodstuffs in season is important equally. We strive for a healthy diet, and are told to eat more fish, but how can that be well balanced with conserving wild fish stocks? Seafood farming hasn’t had a good press recently either, but could we differently do that? Would adjustments to the tax system encourage consumption of healthier foods? Or would it be more effective to control the foods people perform eat, to create them healthier? And what about meals scares and the risks in the food chain? They are all conditions that Relu is needs to explore in ‘Land to Mouth’.