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Town counties ranked healthier than rural!

Town counties ranked healthier than rural! Many people think of the populous city lifestyle as unhealthy, associating it with noise, pollution, crime, dense populations, an easy pace, and high stress levels http://viagrainorge.net . Many desire to leaving the populous city for the country and the more healthy lifestyle they think even more tranquility brings. Fresh air, open chirping and spaces birds ought to be conducive to a more healthy lifestyle, or so the thinking goes But, reports CBS News correspondent Elaine Quijano, a new study seems to dispel those notions.


If the Chronix data are confirmed in larger research, they have the potential to lessen the existing rate of false positive and false detrimental results that contribute to poorer patient outcomes and higher health care costs. Previous published research have demonstrated that the Chronix strategy can identify the existence or absence of active disease in multiple sclerosis patients and that it can accurately detect early stage breasts cancers with high diagnostic sensitivity and specificity. Commercial applications for veterinary use are in development with the University of Calgary, including testing for the early detection of BSE, or mad cow disease. Dr. Urnovitz added, ‘With these encouraging findings, we are launching a ‘For Investigational Use Just’ testing provider that for the very first time will enable cancer researchers to monitor the status of patients within their clinical trials with a higher degree of sensitivity and specificity, possibly accelerating scientific trials and increasing their possibilities for success.’ Patient data collected from this new provider for clinical researchers along with extra planned clinical studies are expected to expand the database needed to obtain regulatory approval for the use of Chronix assays in ongoing cancers patient care.