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Cardiovascular disease remains the N.

On the occasion of the global world Heart Day, I highly invite my fellow MEPs to produce a statement towards heart health by signing up for the MEP Heart Group. Linda McAvan UK MEP, co-seat of the MEP HG, is in favour also, saying: I am very proud to co-chair the MEP Heart Group this term. A job is had by The EP to play in making cardiovascular health a priority in Europe. The Director of the European Cardiovascular Network, Susanne Logstrup adds her tone of voice, saying: World Center Day can be a prompt to all that there is no space for complacency when it comes to CVD prevention.By yesterday the 19th of May The World Wellness Organisation says , 40 countries possess reported 9 officially,830 situations of influenza A, including 79 deaths. Almost all H1N1 instances are in Mexico and america and in the majority of the fatal instances underlying medical issues or serious medical ailments existed. The WHO pandemic continues to be at alert level 5 on a 6-level scale.

American Association of Poison Control Centers: K2 herbal marijuana substitute spurred poison calls Doctors and clinicians in U.S.