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S Middle for Biotechnology headed by Professor Dr.

Decoding such a big genome calls for the generation of large datasets that then have to be processed with bioinformatics. To facilitate the resulting data evaluation, the researchers in Bielefeld and their co-workers in this project applied a totally new process that sorts the one chromosomes of the genome. The sequencing of the hamster chromosomes was performed by Dr. Karina Brinkrolf at CeBiTec. A lot more than 1.4 billion short DNA sequences had been generated with the help of modern instruments for next-generation sequencing.The ‘Dua Anti-Reflux Valve’ was initially developed to reduce reflux of tummy contents in patients with cancers of the esophagus. Resembling a windsock, it features as a pressure-sensitive valve that closes when stomach pressure increases therefore preventing reflux. Nevertheless, when the pressure builds beyond a particular point, the valve inverts enabling vomiting or belching. By drinking one gulp of drinking water, it reverts to its anti-reflux placement. The U.S. Food and Medication Administration cleared the ‘Dua Esophageal Stent’ for use by patients with esophageal cancer in 2002.