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Bionik Laboratories successfully raises US$13.

Absent sign up or an relevant exemption from sign up requirements. This news release won’t constitute an offer to market or the solicitation of an offer to get, nor shall such securities become offered or marketed in america absent sign up or an relevant exemption from the sign up requirements and certificates evidencing such shares include a legend stating the same. Highline Analysis Advisors through Merriman Capital and Garden Condition Securities acted as the Positioning Agent for the purchase.. Bionik Laboratories successfully raises US$13.1 million in private placement transaction Bionik Laboratories Corp.Punishments administered to prisoners who do not perform well enough in the virtual world are very real, however, According to Dali, low-performing gamers are put through physical punishments routinely, a lot of which would qualify to the average indivdual as torture. ‘If I couldn’t complete my work quota, they would punish me physically,’ Dali can be quoted as saying in the Guardian. ‘They might make me stand with my hands elevated in the air flow and after I returned to my dormitory they would beat me with plastic material pipes. We kept performing until we’re able to see things barely.’ Basically, prisoners who fail to achieve enough fake revenue in the fake globe are subject to very real implications in real life.