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BioSante third one fourth net loss boosts to $12.

BioSante third one fourth net loss boosts to $12.7 million BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc. today announced economic results for the 3rd quarter ended September 30, 2011 and supplied an update on the business’s pipeline. As of 30 September, 2011, BioSante’s money and money equivalents were approximately $69.6 million, in comparison to $38.at December 31 2 million, 2010. BioSante’s net reduction was $12.7 million or $ per talk about for the 3rd quarter of 2011, in comparison to a net lack of $11.6 million or $ per share for the 3rd quarter 2010. Related StoriesWeight loss and workout improve ovulation in ladies with polycystic ovary syndromeStudy displays restoring testosterone creation in men will not influence their fertilityTestosterone therapy not really associated with increased threat of aggressive prostate malignancy: StudyPipeline Upgrade On October 4, 2011, BioSante announced the completion of its two pivotal LibiGel Stage III efficacy trials.Another version of this test uses a small capsule to measure acid back-up. An endoscope can be used by The doctor to add the bean-sized capsule to the esophagus. The capsule measures pH levels and delivers readings by radio wave to a receiver you wear on your own belt. After about 48 hours, the capsule detaches and passes through your digestive tract harmlessly.

China’s carbon dioxide emissions alarmingly increasing The growth in China’s skin tightening and emissions is far outpacing previous estimates, making the goal of stabilizing atmospheric greenhouse gases a lot more hard, according to a new analysis by economists at the University of California, Berkeley, and UC NORTH PARK.