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To simply accept an award from Vital Voices Global Partnership.

According to Gao’s friend and Beijing-based AIDS advocate Hu Jia, Chinese authorities from the eastern province Henan told Gao never to attend the Essential Voices awards ceremony. When Gao refused, she was place under house arrest to prevent her from traveling to Beijing to apply for a U.S. Visa, Hu said. Nevertheless, Gao earlier this week stated that she was told by Communist Party Deputy Secretary for Henan Chen Quanguo that she would not be prevented from planing a trip to the U.S. To simply accept the award. Gao also stated that Chen provided no apology and didn’t acknowledge the police guards outside her house.Amorfix could obtain only a restricted number of these very uncommon primate samples. Considering the small number of samples tested, these total results are promising, stated Dr. Neil Cashman, Chief Scientific Officer of Amorfix. Given these results and the similarity of the primate model to humans, it is important to now test human being vCJD blood samples. Blood samples were attained from a European-sponsored vCJD primate research. Amorfix previously reported detecting endogenous prions in bloodstream from sheep with prion disease , but biochemical detection of vCJD endogenous prions in cynomolgus primates hasn’t before been reported.