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First Baptist Church
We are a church who's members come from many nations of origin to worship together!

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Experts say often it is a case of habitual behaviour instead of addiction rather than having access outcomes in short-term withdrawal symptoms. A study carried out this past year by the children’s ombudsman in Madrid discovered that 30 percent of kids between the age groups of 11 and 17 felt incredibly oppressed when their phone was recinded from them.. Children want psychiatric help kick cellular phone habit A mental health institution in Spain is said to be treating two kids for dependence on their mobile phones. There has been increasing concern on the part of experts about the adverse effects mobile phone make use of may have on children and the kids age 12 and 13 were admitted to a mental wellness clinic by their parents because they cannot carry out normal activities without their mobile phones.Valente, MedAire’s senior vice president of global services.’ ‘We have been thrilled to partner with BIHH to provide integrated healthcare and assistance solutions to Chinese and expatriate households,’ said Greg Eaton, handling director of Global Doctor Ltd. ‘This task underscores our dedication to your patients and corporate customers to supply truly unique healthcare solutions and to react to their evolving requirements in China.’ Through its network of Global Doctor treatment centers, MedAire provides international regular medical care, assistance and telemedicine solutions in China, Thailand and Indonesia.