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We are a church who's members come from many nations of origin to worship together!

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February reported breast malignancy was the most common cancer death related to alcohol in U Experts last.S. Women, while mouth area, throat and esophageal cancers were the most typical alcohol-associated deaths found in men. Women that are pregnant may face added risks, the CDC highlights, including their infants experiencing fetal alcoholic beverages spectrum disorders or sudden infant loss of life syndrome . The CDC also urged doctors to display pregnant women for alcohol abuse.CDEX invites those interested in medication safety to stop by Booth # 743 and understand how ValiMed MVS is definitely saving lives in major hospitals today.. Children and teenagers want greater involvement in health care consultations The involvement of children and young people in consultations about aspects of their illness or health is often limited, with their role in decision-producing and diagnosis on treatment plans secondary compared to that of parents or carers. However, research demonstrates most children and young people want better involvement, that this can both enhance their understanding of their illness and positively influence health care outcomes.