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Alzheimers Australia.

Now available to people in the united kingdom, ‘BrainyApp’ helps users monitor and improve the physical, mental, dietary and cultural aspects of their life style. KlegermanLewy Body Composite Risk Rating detects LBD and Parkinson's disease dementia in 3 minutesThere are 750 currently,000 people coping with dementia in the UK which is predicted to rise to more than a million by 2021. Delaying the starting point of dementia by just five years would reduce deaths directly attributable to dementia by 30,000 a year. Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive, Alzheimer’s Society, said: A lot of people know how to decrease their risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke however they don’t realise that the same healthy lifestyle choices may also lower the chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other kinds of dementia.The experts also noted that the definition of ‘never breast-fed’ varied among the research. Some considered under no circumstances having been breast-fed as no breast-feeding at all, while others described it as having been breast-fed for less than one month. This evaluation found an 11 % reduced risk of childhood leukemia for the breast-fed babies. The study authors weren’t sure how breast-feeding might guard kids from leukemia entirely, but they said that breast milk may influence the development of the infant’s disease fighting capability.