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And blindness even.

Coated lenses set to reduce ‘post-op’ infections for cataract patients Research presented at the British Pharmaceutical Conference in Manchester reveals that coating an artificial zoom lens with antibiotics could significantly reduce the risk of post-operative infection, and blindness even, for cataract individuals more . Cataract surgery is among the most common procedures in adults, with 250,000-300,000 procedures carried out each year in the united kingdom. The medical procedures involves removing the eye’s natural zoom lens that has been cloudy and replacing it all with an artificial lens known as an intraocular lens .

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Presidential candidates to sign the pledge, which asks candidates to commit $50 billion to HIV/AIDS efforts. New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson was the first candidate to indication the pledge. On the groups’ Web site – – 08stopaids.org – – there exists a citizen’s pledge that calls on voters to desire the next U.S. President to create, support and fund a comprehensive intend to address the HIV/Helps pandemic . According to the Times, ACT UP, an HIV/Helps advocacy coalition, had been planning for a demonstration on Tuesday in Philadelphia – – where in fact the Democratic applicants are scheduled to participate in a debate – – to protest Clinton because she hadn’t signed the pledge.