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Appearances can be deceiving.

Dislocations were initial posed by William Keith Burton, Nicol-s Cabrera, and Sir Frederick Charles Frank in the late 1940s as essential for crystal growth. The so-called BCF theory posited that crystals with one screw dislocation would form hillocks that resembled a spiral staircase while those with two screw dislocations would merge and form a structure comparable to a Mayan pyramid – – a series of stacked island areas that are closed faraway from each other. Using atomic force microscopy, the Molecular Style Institute team examined both kinds of screw dislocations in L-cystine crystals at nanoscale resolution. Their results showed exactly the opposing of what BCF theory predicted – – crystals with one screw dislocation appeared to type stacked hexagonal islands while people that have two proximal screw dislocations produced a six-sided spiral staircase.‘We are producing a proactive approach for national funding agencies that the analysis of Asian-Americans ought to be a priority.’.

Americans’ misconceptions about malignancy risks Less than half of Americans know that some major way of living factors can affect their malignancy risk, a fresh survey suggests. Rather, many people worry about cancer-causing statements that are not backed by scientific proof – – such as tension or hormones in foods, according to the survey done by the American Institute for Cancer Research . About half of cancers deaths in the U.S. Could possibly be prevented through life-style choices – – like not cigarette smoking, taking in a healthy diet, getting regular physical exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight, said Alice Bender, associate director of nutrition programs for the AICR.