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Canola bread diet experiences reduction in blood sugar LDL and levels cholesterol Canola is Canada's oil and new analysis from St cialis over the counter . Michael's Hospital suggests it will also be one of the oils of choice for people with Type 2 diabetes. Dr. David Jenkins, mind of the hospital's Clinical Nutrition and Risk Element Modification Centre, compared people who have Type 2 diabetes who ate the low glycemic index diet plan that included breads made with canola essential oil, or a complete wheat diet known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Keep reading NaturalNews.com for more information about our collective combat to help save humanity from the evils of fraudulent technology and greed-driven companies that seek to control the world’s food crops. Please also share the link to this page, and forwards the video connect to as many of your friends as possible. They need to see this. Really.. Cap The Gene Spill – New video says GMO contamination of world is much worse than Gulf of Mexico oil spill As part of an ongoing effort to warn the general public about the dangers of runaway GMO pollution of our planet, the Institute for Responsible Technology executive director Jeffrey Smith has released a new video called Cap the Gene Spill.