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Chilis caves to medical mafia.

Mercury makes people not crazy just, but also violent and psychotic – – and that is the perfect description of the medial mafia trolls you see on social media or composing crazed, inflammatory opinion parts in mainstream business periodicals. Help support Chili’s defense against the medical mafia believed policeChili’s is just the latest victim of the press mafia’s thought law enforcement and their vicious efforts to shut down awareness of autism itself.While celiac disease had no effect on the chance of Alzheimer's dementia, the investigators did look for a small increase in the chance of vascular dementia. We realize that sufferers with celiac disease possess a modestly increased rate of coronary disease, and that patients who encounter neurologic symptoms have abnormalities on MRIs that mimic vascular disease, stated Dr. Lebwohl. But, he added, Our results on vascular dementia had been small and may be due to chance. Given public curiosity in the effects of gluten on mental function, this scholarly research offers a reply to the promises offered in some popular books, which state that wheat or gluten have toxic results on the mind and may be responsible for a growth in Alzheimer's dementia.